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Blackmagicdesign VideoAssist 4K UHD

Blackmagicdesign VideoAssist 4K UHD

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rental price 80,00€ /day

in case of longer rental period, reduced prices apply depending on the rental period

technicaly data - Blackmagicdesign VideoAssist 4K UHD

  • Brand : Blackmagicdesign

Rental Price Blackmagicdesign VideoAssist 4K UHD

working days (coherently) 1 2 3 4
total price / net 80 € 120 € 152 € 176 €
Longer rental period possible.

description Blackmagicdesign VideoAssist 4K UHD

The Video Assist 4K scores with a high-resolution 7-inch monitor, two high-speed recorders for non-stop Ultra-HD recording, XLR microphone jacks, an internal speaker and more! The Video Assist 4K has the latest high-speed recorders for UHS-II SD cards on board, with which it records video in 1080i/p HD as well as Ultra HD up to 2160p/30 inexpensive SD cards.

  • codecs: Supports Apple ProRes 422 HQ, ProRes 422, ProRes LT, ProResProxy

  • Supported SD formats 525i/59.94 NTSC; 625i/50 PAL

  • Supported HD formats 720p/50; 59.94; 1080p/23.98; 24; 25;29.97; 30; 50; 59.94; 60; 1080i/50; 59.94

  • Supported Ultra-HD formats 2160p/23.98; 24; 25; 29.97; 30

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additional information Blackmagicdesign VideoAssist 4K UHD