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Stumpfl PIXERA one QUAD

Stumpfl PIXERA one QUAD

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rental price 800,00€ /day

in case of longer rental period, reduced prices apply depending on the rental period

technicaly data - Stumpfl PIXERA one QUAD

  • Brand : AV Stumpfl
  • Resolution : 3840 x 2160 Pixel

Rental Price Stumpfl PIXERA one QUAD

working days (coherently) 1 2 3 4
total price / net 800 € 1,200 € 1,520 € 1,760 €
Longer rental period possible.

description Stumpfl PIXERA one QUAD

Are you looking for video technology to control corporate events, concerts or live shows? Do you want to create breathtaking attractions for your clients who want to create a world of experience? Nowadays media servers fulfill almost all customer wishes:
The Stumpfl PIXERA one QUAD is a revolutionary media server that can play back uncompressed 4K content via four independent 4K60 outputs. The completely new software allows easy mapping and can render 3D visualization and multi-screen projections in real time.

Video and Media Content Production
Multi Projector / Display Setup
Native and uncompressed media playback
Live Media Playback Control
(Automatic) projector calibration for image geometry and transitions
3D Content Mapping
Live input/camera/presentation signal processing and control
Multi-channel audio playback and control
Show Control: DMX, Art-Net...

All the above features are typical for media servers. In fact, however, each event and installation brings its own
requirements, which is why we offer various hardware platforms and flexible software solutions.

PIXERA is a multiple award-winning 64-bit system for real-time media processing, compositing and management, based on the core idea of truly contemporary usability.

Users can discover the options and features step by step to gradually evolve from beginners to real specialists. Entering the world of professional media server solutions and the world of projection mapping has never been easier.

The extremely powerful render engine can process video files up to 8K resolution and beyond and is ideal for playback of HDR and 12-bit content.

The PIXERA GUI (graphical user interface) is designed to allow users to perform the most important actions in record time and with a minimum of effort. Users can intuitively understand the basic software mechanisms of the GUI. Actions in 2D and 3D space follow the same basic principles.

The three main divisions or tabs of the PIXERA GUI cover all main aspects of a professional media server workflow: Screens, Mapping, Compositing.

Each individual 800tab allows a different perspective and access point to the overall creative setup of a project.

  • Output 4x DisplayPort 1.4 4K60 uncompressed

  • 1TB data SSD (max 1.6GB/sec)

  • GUI output (max 2x 4K60)

  • Framelock and Genlock for frame accurate synchronization of multiple PIXERA servers

  • 2x 10Gbps LAN

Media serverImage Processing

additional information Stumpfl PIXERA one QUAD