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Smart Board® QX PRO Series

Available sizes: 65″ | 75″ | 86″

Only with Smart

The SMART Board® QX Pro series is the unrivaled all-in-one solution designed specifically for the dynamic, modern workplace. Everything you need for a fluid and interactive meeting where people collaborate.


The FIRST and ONLY interactive display certified for Crestron XiO Cloud and the 2nd generation of Crestron Connected

Android experience with integrated iQ Pro

Android experience with integrated iQ Pro SMART's ready-to-use iQ Pro Android experience, designed specifically for businesses, makes collaboration even easier.

Collaboration and annotation software

SMART Meeting Pro collaboration software and SMART Ink annotation software are included.

Two powerful USB-C ports

The two 65 W USB-C ports, with USB-C cable included in the scope of delivery, support video, touch, audio and data transfer.

Simultaneous tool use - exclusive to SMART

Several users can write, delete and move objects at the same time without getting in each other's way.

Extended ink and touch functions

You can look forward to delay-free and trouble-free high-precision writing with pressure-sensitive pen and palm recognition on an optically framed glass on which writing feels completely natural.

Video conferencing

Compatible with many popular video conferencing apps, including Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Meet and Webex, to instantly connect all participants, whether onsite or remote.

Integrated RFID NFC reader with CCID support

Log in in next to no time with an RFID or CCID-enabled card using the integrated NFC reader.

Razor-sharp displays with flush-mounted 4K UHD camera

Capture everything and still stay focused on what's important: with 120° wide angle, automatic group framing and tracking function.

Integrated Soundbar

Enjoy crystal-clear sound with the combined power of two 20 W speakers and a 15 W subwoofer.

Integrated microphone array

The integrated array of eight microphones ensures that you can be heard optimally from anywhere in the room.