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Blackmagicdesign Ultimatte 12

Blackmagicdesign Ultimatte 12

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rental price 500€ /day

in case of longer rental period, reduced prices apply depending on the rental period

technicaly data - Blackmagicdesign Ultimatte 12

  • Brand : Ultimatte

Rental Price Blackmagicdesign Ultimatte 12

working days (coherently) 1 2 3 4
total price / net 500 € 750 € 950 € 1,100 €
Longer rental period possible.

description Blackmagicdesign Ultimatte 12

The Blackmagicdesign Ultimatte 12 is an advanced real-time compositing processor designed for live-keying live video with next-generation broadcast graphics, virtual sets, and more. The Ultimatte 12 scores with new algorithms and new color processing, superior edge handling and color separation, brilliant color fidelity, and better color fringe suppression than ever. The high-performance 12G-SDI design lets you work in Ultra HD or HD with subpixel processing for excellent image quality.

  • Real-time chromakey composition of foreground and background images in 4K

  • Resolution with matte signals and additional layers for graphics via DSK

  • Keying with excellent color separation and edge processing

  • Sampling frequency & color accuracy: 4:2:2 10 bit

  • Inputs 7x 12G-SDI with embedded audio

  • Outputs: 9x 12G-SDI with embedded audio

  • Redundant power supply

  • Includes Ultimatte Smart Remote 4

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additional information Blackmagicdesign Ultimatte 12